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Come on by, play a video game, watch TV, listen to music, all while getting your hair cut in a shop created just for YOU.

Get in and out with a hairstyle; including a hot towel neck ritual and style.

Crazy cool, masculine and minimalist, get your barbers ready for your next chop as we take you through the best buzz cut hairstyles for men

If you’re looking for a haircut that’s up to date with the latest men’s hairstyle trends, look no further! We introduced you to the skin fade haircuts.

Cool kids cuts (under 15 years)

At Gents Cave Barber Balwyn you will benefit from a wide range of male grooming services under one roof. Conveniently situated in East Melbourne, our Barbershop offers traditional and contemporary services along with our very own treatment rooms and shop.

Modeling a great team takes time, but we’re pleased to say we’ve definitely cracked it. At Gents Cave Barber Balwyn you’ll find a team of independent Master Barbers that have been carefully trained to advance their skills and provide some of the highest standards of work that the industry has to offer. A well-tutored team who delivers great customer care with ease, and with this comes a team, “to shout loud and be proud“.

As a result of the extra mile we go with our first class customer service, sumptuous environment and the professional team of master barbers on hand, the establishment has, via the ‘ world of male grooming and fashion’, come to the attention of more than a few celebrities, personalities and ‘faces’. Needless to say that we continue to be inspired by what the man on the street has to say about us.

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You can rest assure that we will take our time to give you the look that you have been longing for. Thank you and GOD Bless..

Ali began his career in the barber industry over 7 years ago. He was confident at an early age that this was his passion. Ali is educated in all aspects of men’s hair designs and styles. He is someone who gives 100% of himself everyday to his clients and enjoys helping them customize their individual look.  He has a loyal customer base and his schedule is consistently filled, so make sure you plan your appointment in advance to get the opportunity to experience his work.

With over 8 years in the barber business, Lim has much experience and talent to offer his clientele. Lim is a craftsman in clipper cuts ,shaves and fades. One of his favorite aspects of his profession is meeting different people and making them feel truly confident as well as making them look their best for a night out . Book an appointment with Lim and Experience the Difference.

Tony has been cutting hair since he was in diapers (according to him) But honestly, his passion for cutting hair stems back to his early teens and in 2015 decided to take his love for the craft to another level, went to barber school and became an officially licensed barber in 2016. He has been part of our Gents Cave Barber team for over 2 years now and his fun, upbeat personality has his clients always enjoying their barbershop experience. 

Sam is a true Artist and his forte is Customer Service, Always ready to give a detailed consultation and prepared to educate all his clients that sit in his chair with the best grooming practices in order to upgrade their style makes him a great choice for your next haircut. 

Haider was so determined to become a Barber he sold everything he owned to move from New Zealand, way across Tasman, to Melbourne, Australia to go to school and get his license to cut hair and pursue his dreams of becoming a professional Barber.  

I would recommend getting the Gents Cave Barber and you will not be disappointed.

Upon going in and being offered a complimentary drink, which is a wonderful touch, I was introduced to GCB.

Outstanding cut from Haider! He was able to fix a previous haircut that left me with uneven hair and crooked lines. He was friendly and knowledgeable and very easy to work with. I will definitely be returning to him again as a regular customer.

My experience at Balwyb Men’s Salon exceeded my expectations!.  Booking my appointment with Haider for same day service was easy.  They were even able to fit me in sooner when my schedule changed unexpectedly.  

Finally I found a place with excellent service and professional haircut for men. If You need to wait for your turn, no worries you can enjoy waiting having a cold drink!


I was blown away by this barber shop. Darren.J from Balwyn North, VIC

We are committed in providing our customers the best grooming services, education and products in Barbershop. Our craftsmen barbers our skilled in all hair styles from Modern Cuts to your Classic Clipper cuts. 

Free Wi-Fi & Good for Kids

Hair Types Specialized In European Hair, Asian Hair, Curly Hair, Fading, Scissor Cuts, Trimmer Cuts, Coloring, Kids’ Hair

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