Men Haircuts Deepdene

The Best Men’s Haircuts near Deepdene, East Melbourne

Are you tired of the quick cut, rush you out experience? How about a personalized haircut experience? Come in, relax, and unwind with pleasant conversation with a stylist that is there for you and your real life needs. Located on Balwyn Road off Deepdene suburb.

Men Haircuts Deepdene

  • ADULT HAIR CUT – Clippers and/or Shears. Razor edge finish.
  • FULL SERVICE – Hair cut & Hot towel shave.
  • YOUNG BOYS – Clippers and/or shears.
  • DESIGNS – Lines to illustrations
  • LINE-UPS – Maintenance cut
  • HAIR COLOR – women & men. Head or beard dye
  • DREADS – faux locks or lock em in.

The Classic Melbournian Barbershop

Gents Cave Barber Shop provides an authentic barbershop experience in a modern, upscale, and unpretentious environment. Our focus is on delivering consistent, exceptional service, and providing guests an escape from their busy lives.

We believe you deserve to have a space of your own, so sit back and enjoy the comforts of an old-school barbershop with a modern twist. Our stylists and barbers are skilled in classic and current techniques to give you the look you want.

We promise to deliver quality service; that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. At GCB we strive to be the go-to grooming destination for guests of all ages. Visit one of our many GCBs today.

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  2. North Balwyn Men haircut
  3. Doncaster Men haircut
  4. Melbourne Men haircut

Regular Men Dressing Services

  • Haircuts

    This is a deluxe haircut which includes a precision haircut, scalp massaging shampoo with a hot steam facial towel, razor shave on the back of the neck, ear/nose/eyebrows trimmed, and completed with a neck massage of toners, moisturizers, and powder.

  • Beard trims

    A scissor cut for long haired beards or a close trim for shorter beards.

About Gents Cave Barber

Gent Cave Barber is a Maelbourne based modern Mens Hairdressers. In store we offer a wide range of innovative and traditional male grooming techniques and aim to make every guy leave feeling great! Whilst in store you can relax, browse local newspapers and also choose from a selection of our fresh drinks. Our stylists are fully equipped to create both traditional and modern looks to suit you, making you feel at the top of your game.We believe that your hair should be individual to you, look great, be easy to maintain and last until it needs re-doing. Simple really.


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