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Gents Cave Barber: A Cut Above The Rest

It’s Not Just a Haircut, It’s An Experience.

If you are looking for something more than just ordinary, then visit Gents Cave Barber in Balwyn, Melbourne. We use traditional methods within a modern & relaxing environment – a place where men can be men. Our Barbershop Melbourne is prepped with the latest magazines, beverages, TV and Local Newpapers

At Gents Cave we combine the traditional and true experience of pampering and barbering.

We offer a unique and special service here. Whether you need a simple wash and cut, fade, nose-trimmed, ears flamed or cleansing face oils, you’ll certainly leave feeling refreshed and boost your self-esteem.

Barbershop Melbourne

Founded in 2016 by two young brothers, Gents Cave Barber has quickly grown into one of Melbourne’s best loved Barbershops.

Not just your typical Barbers, Gents Cave aims to put an end to the substandard Barber shop charging premium pricing.

Always asking, “What would our customers like?” Gents Cave continues to improve the standards of service that customers have come to expect within the Melbourne area.

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  2. North Balwyn Men haircut
  3. Deepdene Men haircut

Gents Cave. Barbershop & Shaving Parlour in the Heart of Southampton.

Hair styling and design is a living, breathing and evolving art form. It’s an intimate creation; a personal connection which communicates intention.  It’s an expression of one’s self; of individualism and personal identity. Here at Gents Cave we constantly strive to forge that perfect union between know-how, desire and attainability. We operate to a professional standard which gives us the flexibility freedom and experience to help enable our customers to realise the look they want.    

Our considerate & professional Barbers will leave you feeling relaxed and brand new.

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It is important to our Barbershop Melbourne team that we encourage each other, All staff are in house trained so we all cut/style and shave the same way to build our Gents Cave brand and to continually improve and hone our skills so that we remain fresh, full of ideas and at the top of our game.  
The salon communicates an uncompromising statement, through its décor, furnishings and artwork, of its’ unrepentant commitment to the gentleman look, always seeking out the perfect blend between classic vintage and modern chic.   I believe this positively resonates with customers, which is evidenced by our diverse Melbourne of customers, and accurately portrays our intent.


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